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"The Millennial Age Theory" - Dave Reagan

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"60 Second Answers To Tough Bible Questions" - Russ Miller

Steeling The Mind Bible Conferences • 52m

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  • "The Millennial Age Theory" - Dave Re...

    When God created the earth in six, 24-hour days, was that 7-day creation week God’s template for 7,000 years of humans on earth? this is one of the most powerful presentations we’ve ever had at Steeling the Mind Bible Conference.

  • "CTV Science In The Bible" - Russ Miller

    The Bible is an amazingly accurate science book, but of course our kids aren’t being taught this in school. Russ, one of the top Christian apologetics in America, will give you a boat-load of info proving God’s Word is scientifically defendable!

  • "Why A Literal Genesis Is A Necessity...

    Ken shows the ramifications of not taking Genesis 1 Literally—the six-day creation, a literal Adam and Eve and sin before death. You take it all or nothing!