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"Nailed To The Cross" - J.B. Hixson

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"UN Plan To Rule The World" - Cliff Kincaid

Steeling The Mind Bible Conferences • 47m

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  • "Nailed To The Cross" - J.B. Hixson

    The Bible says all our sins were nailed to the cross 2000 years ago. But COUNTLESS Christians think it is possible to lose your salvation or walk away from the faith. JB will show in no uncertain terms that your salvation has zero to do with your works, past, present or future. Encouraging!

  • "The Case For Satanic Conspiracy" - S...

    Dr. Stan Monteith, a medical doctor, gave up his practice to begin a nationwide radio show exposing the behind-the-scenes maneuvering toward a New World Order...and boy is he exposing the truth!

  • "Why Women Are Weird And Men Are A Me...

    This was the funniest Steeling presentation in the history of Steeling! People were crying they were laughing so hard! "I learned more about my wife in 45 minutes than the 35 years I've been married" said one attendee. Every person who is married, or will be married will love this one!!!