The Otto Koning Series

The Otto Koning Series

In his entertaining style, veteran missionary Otto Koning shares humorous and inspirational messages, beginning with the story of how a pineapple garden taught him the important lesson of yielding rights.

These lively true stories from his missionary experiences in Irian Jaya are encouraging and motivating for all ages.

The Otto Koning Series
  • The Pineapple Story with Otto Koning

    How did God use a pineapple garden and thieving natives to instruct a missionary in Biblical principles?

    Join Otto Koning as he shares the lessons he learned in a Papua New Guinea village about surrendering rights and conquering anger. His humorous yet profound message imparts many important tru...

  • The Snake Story with Otto Koning

    “Once you cross Hoy-hoy’s snake there is no return—he will follow and destroy you.” What would you do if the forces of darkness set out to destroy you while you were alone in the jungle?

    In this thrilling sequel to The Pineapple Story, Otto Koning, veteran missionary to Papua New Guinea, comes f...

  • God Enjoys The Impossible with Otto Koning

    Does God get worried when situations get tough? Do angels scratch their heads to find a solution to a child’s “impossible” request? In this inspiring message, Otto Koning dramatically illustrates the power of prayer to change the situation. From national fears of an invading army to the bedside o...

  • How A Widow Became A Channel Of God's Power with Otto Koning

    God still looks for stewards, on whose behalf He may show Himself strong, and use in miraculous ways to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Before sharing his heart for the unreached people groups of the world, Otto Koning shares several examples of how God rewards us when we make the choice to lo...

  • The Surprising Ways Of God with Otto Koning

    Otto Koning tells the unbelievable, but true story of how God brought the long-awaited salvation message to a cannibalistic village through his being kidnapped, and despite his fear of being eaten alive by the people! He states "God's ways are not our ways, nor are his thoughts our thoughts, his ...