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What To Do About A Pastor's Salary And A Pastor's Sin

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With The Master by Susan Heck

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  • What To Do About A Pastor's Salary An...

    In this lesson Susan deals with two questions whose answers every church needs to understand. What to do about a Pastor's salary, and what to do about a Pastor's Sin.

  • The Proper Disposition For Your Position

    "It is not the job, it is not the occupation, it is not the position we have at work it is the disposition that God is looking at." -Susan J. Heck. Why is your disposition inside the home or outside important to your happiness? Join Susan as we explore the answers to that question in today's les...

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    What are false teachers? How can you recognize them? What are we to do regarding false teachers? These are all good questions that demand answers. Join Susan as she examines what God's Word declares our responses should be.