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BJU is an accredited Christian liberal arts university focused on educating students to serve Christ BJU will help you build your faith in the absolute truth of God’s Word, challenge your potential to exceed your own expectations, and thoroughly prepare you to follow Christ in whatever vocation He calls you to. is excited to offer Bible teaching from a variety of Bible-believing ministries. Some denominational positions may be advocated that may not represent the doctrinal position of VCY America (see As Acts 17:10-11 says, "[S]earch... the scriptures daily, whether those things were so."

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    Watch award-winning full-length productions from Bob Jones University's Classic Players. These programs have enriched the student experience at BJU since 1929.

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  • The Great Awakening

    By the early 1700s, the New England colonists forsook their Pilgrim heritage and desire for religious freedom and instead pursued material success. In the midst of this spiritual deadness, God intervened and effected a drastic change—the Great Awakening. Beginning with the preaching of Jonathan E...