Classic Christian Films of the 1960s and 1970s

  • A Thief In The Night - Full Movie

    Set in the early 1970's, this is one of the most and widely viewed motion pictures of all time. A Thief in the Night tells the story of Patty, a young woman caught up in living for the present with little concern for the future. She meets and marries a young man and her life seems great, until on...

  • In His Steps

    A Pastor challenges the members of his congregation to follow in Jesus's footsteps in their daily lives. From Charles M. Sheldon's famous book. (B&W, 1964)

  • Step Over The Edge

    Students on a missionary trip in the wilderness learn about themselves and each other. (1976)

  • All The Kings Horses

    A young couple whose self-interests and self-righteousness come between them, their children, and their faith until they begin to apply Scriptural principles to their relationship. (1977)

  • Pilgrim's Progress

    John Bunyan’s classic tale is dramatized for the screen. (1978)

  • Senior Year

    A group of Christians try to witness for Christ in their high school. (1978)