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DeBunked 21 - Critical Race Theory (CRT) Is Biblical

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DeBunked 22 - It Doesn't Matter Why You Believe

DeBunked with Carl Kerby • 3m 1s

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  • DeBunked 21 - Critical Race Theory (C...

    It's everywhere! It's in our schools, media, movies, TV Shows and even our churches. Critical Race Theory! But what is it - really? And more importantly, is it based on biblical principles and teachings as many progressive pastors and woke influencers try to tell us? Well - here's our answer - De...

  • DeBunked 20 - Nobody Loves You

    Don't believe the insidious lie that nobody loves, because that, my friends, has (lovingly I might add) been this video.

    There are sinister messages being hurled at you every day (some subtle and some not so subtle) trying to convince you that you are an accident of nature - unlove...

  • DeBunked 19 - Jesus Is A Copycat God

    Ever heard of Mithras, Dionysus or Osiris? Well, lots of people these days claim that these mythic "gods" are what "christians" used to create a god-like Jesus. They claim that the biographies are similar and because these myths predate Jesus, He is nothing more than a copycat god invented by a ...