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  • Jimmy DeYoung: Destiny of America

    God established America with a purpose in mind - to have the prophetic scenario of God's Word come to fulfillment. But the United States is not mentioned in Bible prophecy. Since America is not mentioned in Bible prophecy, we must ask a question - How does America disappear?

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  • The Great Awakening

    By the early 1700s, the New England colonists forsook their Pilgrim heritage and desire for religious freedom and instead pursued material success. In the midst of this spiritual deadness, God intervened and effected a drastic change—the Great Awakening. Beginning with the preaching of Jonathan E...

  • The Indestructible Book

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  • Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls

    Learn how Protestant leaders John Wycliffe, Martin Luther and William Tyndale brought the Bible to the masses to combat ignorance during the dark ages

  • Jimmy DeYoung Feature Length Prophecy Documentaries

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  • Documentaries about America

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  • Ken Connolly: Heal our Land

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    Ken Connolly delivers this stirring two-part examination of the Revival of 1859, including important historical examples and a biblical definition of true revival. Here are some excerpts: “What is a revival?” asks Connolly. “It is the sovereign, sudden, selective, sensational operation of the Spi...