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    Entertaining short videos packed with Biblical truths to help you lead your family or friends in a unique study dealing with some very important topics

  • DeBunked TV with Carl Kerby

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    DebunkedTV ain’t your average Christian talk show. Think of it as a 28 minute crash-course on a given topic that gives you more like 2 hours of content with expert witnesses and fun and dynamic visuals. When you want to unpack a DeBunked VIDEO or dive deeper into a popular issue, watch DeBunkedTV.

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  • Draw It And Know It with Dan Lietha

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  • Weapons Of Mass Instruction: Unearthing The Truth - Carl Kerby

    Join President and Founder of Reasons for Hope, Carl Kerby, on a journey of a lifetime. Carl takes you to the dinosaur fields of Glendive, Montana where you will see for yourself what the evidence actually supports. Slow gradual processes or rapid, catastrophic processes. Hang on for the ride!

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  • Within Our Reach

    We're losing our children at an alarming rate, A study done in 2019 showed that nearly two-thirds of 18 to 29-year-olds in the US who grew up in church, and were active as a child or teen, have now withdrawn from church involvement as an adult. More recent studies show that
    number to be as high a...