Steeling The Mind Bible Conferences

Steeling The Mind Bible Conferences

Founded in 1993 by Bill and Susie Perkins, Compass International, Inc. is an evangelical, non-profit, non-denominational ministry based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Our mission and purpose is to defend the accuracy of the Bible from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22.

In addition to our email Bible studies, articles, Biblelands trips and missionary outreach, Compass organizes the “Steeling the Mind” Bible Events, bringing together top Christian speakers to hammer away on difficult and timely Biblical issues — thus providing spiritual armor to complement local churches.

Steeling The Mind Bible Conferences
  • "Failure, Forgiveness, And Your Future" - David Moore

    We all experience some kind of failure in life. We all sin and fall short. Sometimes it’s private, sometimes public. But in the big scheme of things, God is, and always was, in control. So with the Bible admonishing all Believers to forget the past and look to the future, and Satan screaming in y...

  • "In Defense Of Israel" - Dr. Ed Hindson

    If you want to really know what's going on in the world, watch Israel! So goes Israel, so goes the world. The late Dr. Ed Hindson, who could defend the pre-tribulation, pre-millennial doctrines in his sleep, makes the case for Israel as not only God's timepiece, but also a nation we should stand ...

  • "The Case For Christ's Resurrection" - Josh McDowell

  • "Why The Grand Canyon Proves A Recent Global Flood" - Russ Miller

  • "Gene Altering In The Days Of Noah" - Dr. Andy Woods

    What was Satan doing in Noah's Day that upset God so much that He destroyed the entire earth? What happens today when you tinker with God's human design?

  • "All About Angels" - Ron Rhodes

    Angels are all around us. But myths permeate our thinking. This is a great Bible study to learn Angelic origins, activities, influences and future prophetic fulfillments. A different realm and lots of fun!

  • "The Book Of Revelation In 55 Minutes" - Dr. Ed Hindson

    The most difficult book in the Bible made easy!

  • "Israel And The Last Days" - Dave Reagan

    God’s chosen will be back in the limelight as Israel comes racing on to the world stage as a major player! What happens? How do they survive? Who will be her allies? What will cause the world to want what she has?

  • "A Study Of Hell" - Dr. John Ankerberg

    In a commanding Power Point update of his 1996 presentation Hell—Hot, Dark and Forever, John takes a deep and uncomfortable look at a subject most pastors shy away from teaching.

  • "Armageddon Past, Present Or Future?" - Dr. Ed Hindson

    Some Bible teachers, including Hank Hanegraaff and R.C. Sproul, insist that Armageddon has already taken place!? Really? Learn the Biblical facts that expose this false teaching and the implications to Israel and the Church if it’s not refuted.

  • "How We Got The Bible" - Neal Lightfoot

    Who decided which books went into the Bible? Best-selling author Neil Lightfoot outlines the birth of the Bible, traces the Canon of the Old and New Testament, textual variations and recent translations.

  • "In The Twinkling Of An Eye" - Don Perkins

    Learn who, what, when, and where regarding the next big Church Age event when suddenly, without warning, millions of believers will simply vanish from the face of the earth.

  • "What Happens When You Die" - Dave Reagan

    This is a most fascinating presentation. It will get you excited (assuming you're a Believer!) about your future transition to the next life when you die or are raptured.

  • "How DNA Destroys Evolution" - Mike Riddle

    Mike Riddle, the top presenter at Answers In Genesis, makes those who believe in evolution, look like fools. This is probably his best Steeling presentation of all time. Let's face it, if DNA is a design, and ALL scientists agree that it is, then you MUST have a designer!

  • "50 Reasons The Rapture's Close" - Dave Reagan

    Dave Reagan, one of the top Bible prophecy experts in the nation, takes you on an incredible journey through 50 Bible prophecy verses and how each is being or has been fulfilled.

  • "Perfected Forever" - Paul Van Noy

    This may be the most impacting presentation you will ever hear/see. Paul shows us, in no uncertain terms, the state of grace in which Believers live! Or should live!! This change-your-life explanation of what took place on Calvary is doctrinally sound, yet rarely taught in churches today.
    What a...

  • "The Evil Fruit Of Evolution" - Russ Miller

    This is one awesome presentation. Russ takes you on a journey through the Satanically-centered belief in evolution to its end conclusion—a Godless world—and contrasts that with the power and majesty of Creation.

  • "The Mystique Of Mount Moriah" - Randall Price

    Randall, an expert on the Temple MT. in Jerusalem takes us for an amazing walk though the rich history and future friction between the Jews and the Muslims over this volatile real estate—God’s special place on earth!

  • "Defending Genesis 1 And Revelation 22" - Dave Reagan

    Defending a Word-for-Word Bible Translation is going out of vogue in many churches but Dave shows, in no uncertain terms, where that leads. You will love this vigorous defense of the Bible's beginning and ending!

  • "Daniel 2: Understanding God's Foundational Prophecy" - J.B. Hixson

    JB is a Pastor, author and eschatology expert. Enjoy a great, fun study of the statues in Daniel 2, one of the clearest of all Bible prophecies. Learn the identity of the toes and their implication for those alive today.

  • "Jerusalem In Bible Prophecy" - Dave Reagan

    Israel celebrates its 70th anniversary this year and watching her is like watching God’s time clock-so goes Jerusalem, so goes the world. Dave uses only a few of the 800+ Jerusalem references in the Bible to make crystal clear what’s dead ahead on God’s timetable.

  • "God's Promise Of Victory!" - Dave Reagan

    For Believers, it’s disheartening to see Biblical morality, individual liberty and free enterprise being constantly shredded by secular leadership. But when all the dust settles, there is true hope in the One who is ultimately in charge.

  • "UN Plan To Rule The World" - Cliff Kincaid

    There are some big names who want to reduce America’s world dominance. Who are these people and what have they put in place to achieve his goal? Cliff outlines myriads of uncomfortable facts of which you need to be aware!

  • "Nailed To The Cross" - J.B. Hixson

    The Bible says all our sins were nailed to the cross 2000 years ago. But COUNTLESS Christians think it is possible to lose your salvation or walk away from the faith. JB will show in no uncertain terms that your salvation has zero to do with your works, past, present or future. Encouraging!