Steeling The Mind Bible Conferences

Steeling The Mind Bible Conferences

Founded in 1993 by Bill and Susie Perkins, Compass International, Inc. is an evangelical, non-profit, non-denominational ministry based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Our mission and purpose is to defend the accuracy of the Bible from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22.

In addition to our email Bible studies, articles, Biblelands trips and missionary outreach, Compass organizes the “Steeling the Mind” Bible Events, bringing together top Christian speakers to hammer away on difficult and timely Biblical issues — thus providing spiritual armor to complement local churches.

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Steeling The Mind Bible Conferences
  • "Masters Of Deceit" - Curtis Bowers

    Curtis, former Idaho legislator, opened a lot of eyes with his award-winning and #1 best selling video Agenda- Grinding America Down. Now he's exposing the purposeful, premeditated, treasonous attacks on our freedom.

  • "The Greatest Event Of The 20th Century" - Dave Reagan

    God says Israel is the apple of His eye…yet He allowed Israelis to be scattered around the globe for almost 2000 years. But their second return to their homeland was prophesied and He’s been bringing them back since the early 1900s, a miracle of gigantic proportions!

  • "The Compromised Church" - Andy Woods

    Too many churches today make their major decisions based on not offending the flock. After all, you can’t run off those “giving units”. But the Bible specifically says to “rebuke and exhort” the flock. We’re now seeing the result of watering down the sermons!

  • "60 Second Answers To Tough Bible Questions" - Russ Miller

    In this day of instant grits, when people have a question about the Bible, they often don’t want you to give them an hour-long video to watch. So Russ has taken the questions that most people ask and come up with a 60-second answer that’s easy to remember.

  • "The Millennial Age Theory" - Dave Reagan

    When God created the earth in six, 24-hour days, was that 7-day creation week God’s template for 7,000 years of humans on earth? this is one of the most powerful presentations we’ve ever had at Steeling the Mind Bible Conference.

  • "CTV Science In The Bible" - Russ Miller

    The Bible is an amazingly accurate science book, but of course our kids aren’t being taught this in school. Russ, one of the top Christian apologetics in America, will give you a boat-load of info proving God’s Word is scientifically defendable!

  • "Why A Literal Genesis Is A Necessity" - Ken Ham

    Ken shows the ramifications of not taking Genesis 1 Literally—the six-day creation, a literal Adam and Eve and sin before death. You take it all or nothing!

  • "The Coming World Government" - Andy Woods

    The Bible tells us where we’re headed in the last days… into a one-world government. But who will run it? What is its purpose? How will it affect Christians living on the earth in the last days prior to Rapture? Andy covers it all from a Biblical perspective. A great study on a timely topic!

  • "The Believer's Exciting Future" - Dr. Ed Hindson

    With all that’s going on in the world, this will be a stand-up-and-yell presentation meant to keep you looking up, not down! Jesus is coming again soon, get fired up as that day nears!

  • "It's About Time" - Russ Miller

    Using myriad scientific facts, Russ dismantles the “billions of years” that secular science uses to “prove” evolution. Once you debunk “billions of years,” you can build your science foundation on scriptural truths!

  • "Defending Biblical Creation" - Russ Miller

    When asked to explain or defend the Genesis account of God’s 6-day Creation, there are myriad undeniable facts you can use, but most Christians don’t know them! Russ walks us through 10 scientific truths that make the theory of evolution look downright stupid!

  • "10 Unmistakable Signs We're Living In The Last Days" - J.B. Hixson

    J.B. will blaze through the top 10 Biblical signs that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that we’re living in the very last of the last days.

  • "25 Apologetic Defenses Christians Need to Know!" - Russ Miller

    This is what a Bible conference is all about–Russ will show you how to easily defend the Bible in 25 of the most-often debated and discussed topics.

  • "The US Constitution: How Long Will it Last?" - Andy Woods

    Satan's been hard at work trying to destroy our Biblically oriented constitution. So far it's stood the test of time, but will it continue to hold together until the Rapture?

  • "What Believers Will Be Doing In The Millennium" - Don Perkins

    For 30 years Don has taught and defended pre-millennial Bible Prophecy doctrine. And this entertaining presentation of what it will be like living in a world without sin with Jesus ruling from His Throne in Jerusalem will thrill your soul!

  • "Unmasking Of The One World Government Agenda" - Brannon Howse

    Brannon, a best-selling author and popular conference speaker, takes on a difficult subject and in layman's terms. We know where this all ends- Satan will control the earth. But what parts are already coming together and visible today?

  • "The Implications Of Living In The Days Of Noah" - Russ Miller

    The Bible says that the time just before Rapture will be just like the time before the world-wide flood. We know a lot about the world just before God shut the door, so what are the implications for us today?

  • "Walk Through The Old Testament" - Gerald Robison

    Gerald is a former trainer for instructors teaching "Walk Thru the Bible" seminars held around the USA. This will be a blast! You'll learn, in order,
    the entire Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi, AND remember what you've learned for the rest of your life!

  • "Illuminating The New World Order" - J.B. Hixson

    J. B. provides a fascinating glimpse into a Satanic group who have been at work for many years attempting to bring about world government.

  • "Why Jesus Is Premillennial" - Dave Hocking

    One of the biggest hoaxes in the history of the Church Age is the blasphemy called A-Millennial teaching. Dave uses scores of verses to expose the error.

  • "The Incredible Effects Of Rapture" - Paul Van Noy

    A great study of what happens to Christians, and non-Christians, at the moment of Rapture. What will Believers feel? Where will we go? What will we do? What happens to the non-Believers who are left on the earth? What is the “Lie?” And he’ll top it off with five 100% irrefutable reasons it WILL h...

  • "Is 2 Thessalonians 2 Apostasy or Rapture?" - Andy Woods

    This one is exciting for lovers of Bible Prophecy! While most Bible scholars teach that 2 Thessalonians 2 is referring to a “falling away” that will happen at the end of the age, Andy walks us through a different, yet scripturally sound, interpretation.

  • "Unmasking The Evolutionary Hoax" - Marlin Goebel

    For 30 years Marlin has taught thousands how to defend the Bible against pro-evolutionist's' banter. He'll take on the big three arguments in the creation-evolution arena and you'll love his down-home style and excellent graphics!

  • "Communist Agenda In The USA" - Curtis Bowers

    Curtis, a former Idaho State Legislator, traces the alive- and-well socialist agenda's history in America. By hook or crook, the 1960s hades-bent radicals have made "politically correct" most of what the Bible calls sin! And this was done right under our noses!