Steeling The Mind Bible Conferences

Steeling The Mind Bible Conferences

Founded in 1993 by Bill and Susie Perkins, Compass International, Inc. is an evangelical, non-profit, non-denominational ministry based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Our mission and purpose is to defend the accuracy of the Bible from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22.

In addition to our email Bible studies, articles, Biblelands trips and missionary outreach, Compass organizes the “Steeling the Mind” Bible Events, bringing together top Christian speakers to hammer away on difficult and timely Biblical issues — thus providing spiritual armor to complement local churches.

Steeling The Mind Bible Conferences
  • "Seduction Of Christianity" - Dave Hunt

    As we suspected, this was a message that needed repeating. Based on his 1980s best-selling book by the same name, Dave shows us how even the smallest, seemingly insignificant compromise ultimately is a victory for Satan.

  • "The Case For Jesus' Resurrection" - Gary Habermas

    Christianity stands on the truth of the resurrection. A great study by the world's leading expert on the overwhelming evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.

  • "A Mind Bending Walk Through Revelation 12" - Dr. Andy Woods

    Dr. Andy Woods takes us on a walk through one of the most action-packed chapters in the entire Bible. Israel, the Messiah, Satan’s crash to earth, Jesus in the Tribulation and Israel’s worst day in the history of the earth, are all covered.

  • "Drugs And Depression In The Last Days" - Paul Van Noy

    Paul is one of the most solid doctrinal teachers in America today! His outline of the eight Biblical dispensations, incorporating the tribulation as a separate dispensation, has rattled the establishment’s historical understanding at the highest levels. This presentation exposes the latter day pr...

  • "Biblical Dispensations" - Paul Van Noy

    This may be the most misunderstood of all Biblical doctrines because if you don’t understand dispensations, you can easily misunderstand a lot of God’s Word. Using effective graphics, Paul walks us through each dispensation, explaining their characteristics, associated number & color, responsibi...

  • "Just Before The Rapture" - Mike Gendron

    The Bible has a plethora of verses describing what the world will be like just before the Rapture and Mike delves into them all. You’ll be amazed at these two to three thousand year old sobering prophecies about the times in which we live.

  • "The 70 Weeks Of Daniel" - J.B. Hixson

    Based on Daniel 9:24-27, this is one of two foundational Bible prophecies you MUST correctly understand to properly understand the future. It covers the entire time from 483 BC through the Tribulation. It promises Israel will go back to blood sacrifices before the 2nd Coming and confirms there'll...

  • "America's Coming Implosion" - Robert Jeffress

    As we watch economic decline, immorality, terrorism and blasphemy, rarely have American Christians been more pessimistic and fearful of our country’s future. But rather than give up, Bob also shows us how and where we’ll have more opportunities to be used by God to eternally impact millions.

  • "7 Cataclysmic Changes Coming" - Russ Miller

    Russ details seven future, earth-shattering events that come from the sky. Hold onto you hats for this one—it’s sure to be a classic that’s passed along ’til our exhilarating exit.

  • "Seven Huge Bible Prophecy Lies" - Dr. Ed Hindson

    The closer we get to the second coming of Christ, the more Satan works overtime to keep his lies on the front burner! Ed skillfully compares the truth with seven commonly accepted prophecy errors.

  • "Defending Biblical Creation" - Russ Miller

  • "America's Founding Fathers; Deist or Christian?" - Russ Miller

  • "7 Best Scientific Arguments For Creation" - Mike Riddle

    Mike covers a lot of ground with this one—the universe, absolutes, life, fossils, design, and more. This presentation, using powerful graphics, nails shut the creation vs. evolution debate.

  • "Great Last Days Deceptions" - J.B. Hixson

    The Bible is chock full of prophetic predictions about the time in which we live. JB, a seasoned writer/lecturer on pre-millennial/pre-tribulation doctrines, takes a look at Bible Prophecy through the lens of Satan's deceptive agenda. And boy has Satan been busy!

  • "Was Christ Raised From The Dead Really?" - Josh McDowell

    The Bible is defendable, word-for-word, letter-for-letter—from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22. And now more than ever in this day and age, we need to be able to defend our beliefs to an unbelieving world. None does this better and Josh will armor you with God’s truth!

  • "Inside The Public School Nightmare" - Russ Miller

    This one’s an eye-opener. Learn what kids today are taught using textbooks as the source-unbelievable!

  • "Death: The First And Last Enemy" - Russ Miller

    With mass-killings in the U.S. becoming a way of life, it begs the question, “What’s the root cause?” How has death become so callous and casual? Russ, in what is probably the best presentation he’s ever given, explains how we got to this point showing the uncomfortable truth that Satan's out of ...

  • "Where Have All The Pastors Gone" - Pastor Randy White

    For the past 15 years the quality of teaching from our nation’s pulpits has dropped to new lows. Someone questioning the pastor on Biblical point is often asked to leave. And if you currently have a good pastor, who will replace him when he retires?

  • "Replacement Theology From The Pit Of Hell" - Dave Reagan

    Some 80% of Christians believe that the Church is now the recipient of God’s original promises to Israel. But is that in Scripture? Dave succinctly dismantles this absurd doctrine while showing the awful ramifications of its tentacles.

  • "Artificial Intelligence And The Return Of The Nephilim" - Tom Horn

    As scientists work with artificial intelligence and nanotechnology to construct a third strand of DNA that will purportedly make our bodies disease free, who will control the ultimate design? Our minds, memories, physiology and even offspring are at stake! Bone-chilling!

    This presentation was r...

  • "Chaos In The Church" - Andy Woods

    The local church is going downhill fast. Decisions about what to teach are based on NOT offending giving units. Without the conviction that comes with rebuke, reproof and exhortation the local church has become a graveyard of broken spirits, broken marriages and broken lives.

  • "7 Irrefutable Reasons You Can Trust The Pre-Tribulation Rapture" - Andy Woods

    Are you looking for Jesus or the Anti-Christ? Andy uses tons of scripture to expose the nonsensical Mid, Post and A-Mill eschatological positions.

  • "Masters Of Deceit" - Curtis Bowers

    Curtis, former Idaho legislator, opened a lot of eyes with his award-winning and #1 best selling video Agenda- Grinding America Down. Now he's exposing the purposeful, premeditated, treasonous attacks on our freedom.

  • "The Greatest Event Of The 20th Century" - Dave Reagan

    God says Israel is the apple of His eye…yet He allowed Israelis to be scattered around the globe for almost 2000 years. But their second return to their homeland was prophesied and He’s been bringing them back since the early 1900s, a miracle of gigantic proportions!