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To Plan Or Not To Plan

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With The Master by Susan Heck

The Danger Of Slander


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  • To Plan Or Not To Plan

    Unexpected events happen to all of us, and often they occur multiple times a day. We plan, only to have our plans thwarted. Should Christians plan or not? And what should be our attitude when our plans change? The fourth chapter of the Epistle of James begins with quarrels and ends with planning ...

  • Warnings To The Rich

    If you are a careful reader of the Scriptures, you understand that wealth is nothing but a gift from God. However, the God who has made us and supplied us with money with which to live also holds us accountable for how we carry out that stewardship. What warnings does the Lord give us through Jam...

  • The Patience Of Job

    So what is causing you to be impatient today? Traffic? Long lines at the grocery store? People that talk too much? A crying baby or a strong-willed child? Do things like misplaced keys, stuck zippers, popped buttons, cold food, spilled milk, interruptions in your day or feeling rushed make you im...