With The Master by Susan Heck

With The Master by Susan Heck

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Susan is a certified counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (biblicalcounseling.com) since 2003. She is also the author of With the Master Bible study series for ladies. She also has authored; A Call to Discipleship, Putting-Off Life Dominating Sins; A Call to Scripture Memory; A Message of Assurance: Twenty Tests for God's Children; What Does a Spirit Filled Marriage Look Like?; Speaking the Truth in Love in a Post Truth World; and The Liberating Gospel. Susan’s teaching ministry is an outgrowth of her memorization work on the Bible. She has memorized the entire New Testament along with two books from the Old Testament which include Ecclesiastes, Jonah and several of the Psalms and is now journeying her way through more of the Old Testament. To God be the glory!

Susan Heck, and her husband Doug have been married since 1975. Susan has been involved in Women’s Ministries for about 40 years. This included teaching Bible Studies, counseling, and heading up Ladies with the Master women’s ministry at Grace Community Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma (www.gccoftulsa.org).
Susan Heck has two grown children, and seven grandchildren. Both children and their spouses are in full time ministry. Because of the enthusiastic ladies who attend the Bible Studies that Susan teaches, and because of the life changes, Susan has been invited to speak to a number of ladies groups, both nationally and internationally. Susan loves to minister her gift of teaching to women.

You can contact Susan Heck at [email protected] or reach her at 918-695-0831. Susan is available for both speaking and counseling.

With The Master by Susan Heck
  • Counting Our Trials With Joy

    Episode 1

    We need women today who will allow the hardships of life to bring them to perfection and maturity in Jesus Christ. Are you ready to allow your trials to bring you to perfection and to the conformity of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Will?

  • Say Yes To Wisdom – No To Wavering

    Episode 2

    Are your trials proving that your faith is genuine by producing patience, perfection, and prayer in your life? Or are your trials proving your faith is spurious by producing anger, bitterness, and doubts about God? Are you seeking God for wisdom in trials?

  • Rich Man, Poor Man

    Episode 3

    What is your financial status this day? Are you wealthy? If so, does money occupy your thoughts and your time? Or are you poor? Are you uncertain how you are going to pay the rent, buy the groceries, or obtain medical insurance? Whatever financial state you find yourself in today, it doesn’t real...

  • Temptations: Where Do They Come From?

    Episode 4

    Are you struggling in the grip of temptations? Do you wish to appropriate the grace that God has given you to be victorious over sin by the power of His Son Jesus Christ? We invite you to follow along with Susan as she unpacks the counsel of our Lord’s half-brother regarding temptations.

  • The Greatest Gift Of All

    Episode 5

    Do you doubt God’s goodness this day? Do not be deceived, dear sister! In contrast to those evil things that come from your own lusts, good and perfect gifts come from the Father above, who is unchanging. Have you been born again by the Word of truth? If so, you have been saved from the wrath to ...

  • How To Respond To God’s Word

    Episode 6

    James was challenging his contemporary and future readers to examine themselves in light of their responses to the Word of God. How you and I respond to the Word of God is another evidence of our faith. Have you received with meekness the Word of God, which is able to save your soul? Has it be im...

  • Hear, Do, And Be Blessed

    Episode 7

    These verses are a clarion call to carefully examine yourself in light of God’s standards. Examining yourself to see if you are in the faith is not a popular thing to do. When is the last time you examined yourself? The lessons in James are really tests to see if we are in the faith, and it is im...

  • The Test Of True Religion

    Episode 8

    As we complete chapter one of James we learn many of us have tongues that are out of control. They need to be bridled. James is just getting his foot in the door here regarding his teaching on our tongue. In addition, James gives his contemporary and future readers some practical ways to put the ...

  • Test Of Brotherly Love

    Episode 9

    Discrimination has created one of the greatest social tensions of our time in American culture. Racial, social status, religious, political, educational, discrimination comes in many forms. In today’s lesson, James reminds his readers on God’s opinion of treating other with partiality.

  • Fulfilling The Royal Law

    Episode 10

    All of us can fool each other by knowing and saying a few religious words or by quoting a few Bible verses or by repeating some evangelical cliches. We can learn to give a proper Christian testimony and deliver it with apparent conviction. But does that mean our faith is real?

  • Test Of Good Works

    Episode 11

    Is your faith a faith that works? Or is your faith dead? Paul tells us to “Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith?” Are you in the faith?

  • Abraham And Rahab Examples Of Living Faith

    Episode 12

    Few things are as unattractive as a person who has all the religious trappings but doesn’t live a life of obedience to God. And yet when they do obey, they are so beautiful, so attractive, and so desirable to be around. If we believe, then let us behave!

  • The Danger Of The Tongue

    Episode 13

    Strong words come from this little book of James. Some of the strongest are in regards to the use of our tongue (speech). The tongue is dangerous when left uncontrolled. The test of how we control our tongue is another test to see if we are in the faith. Are you ready to take the test?

  • Gaining Victory Over The Tongue

    Episode 14

    Our tongues are the smallest members of our bodies, but the largest troublemakers. The tongue is contained in our mouth and surrounded by our lips and teeth, and yet it escapes. If we are to bear evidence of a genuine saving faith, it must be controlled. Hypocrisy in our hearts is exposed by our ...

  • Wisdom From Above Or From Below?

    Episode 15

    Godly wisdom is another test to determine if we are genuinely in the faith. We all reap what we sow. Some of us are reaping havoc by the ungodly wisdom we have sown. Others of us are reaping a righteous harvest by the godly wisdom we have sown. What about you?

  • Wars And Worldliness

    Episode 16

    Some may have an erroneous idea of worldliness. Some might say worldliness is going to movies, watching television, having a tattoo, wearing too much jewelry or flashy clothes and so on. James, however, approaches the matter of worldliness differently.

  • The Remedy For Worldliness

    Episode 17

    Does your life reflect a complete devotion to God? What would that look like? How would I know if I fell short? James helps us examine ourselves in the light of our test against Worldliness.

  • The Danger Of Slander

    Episode 18

    Perhaps you are convicted of this terrible sin of slander and judging others. You might say, “What do I need to do?” Repent of course, but perhaps you need to get to the root of the problem. James helps us do just that as he teaches again on the danger of our words.

  • To Plan Or Not To Plan

    Episode 19

    Unexpected events happen to all of us, and often they occur multiple times a day. We plan, only to have our plans thwarted. Should Christians plan or not? And what should be our attitude when our plans change? The fourth chapter of the Epistle of James begins with quarrels and ends with planning ...

  • Warnings To The Rich

    Episode 20

    If you are a careful reader of the Scriptures, you understand that wealth is nothing but a gift from God. However, the God who has made us and supplied us with money with which to live also holds us accountable for how we carry out that stewardship. What warnings does the Lord give us through Jam...

  • The Patience Of Job

    Episode 21

    So what is causing you to be impatient today? Traffic? Long lines at the grocery store? People that talk too much? A crying baby or a strong-willed child? Do things like misplaced keys, stuck zippers, popped buttons, cold food, spilled milk, interruptions in your day or feeling rushed make you im...

  • Being A Woman Of Your Word

    Episode 22

    How are you in the area of being a woman of your word? When you tell someone you will pray for him or her, do you? When you sign up for a job or a ministry, are you faithful to be there? When you say you will be there at 9:00, are you? When you say you will pay a bill on the 15th of the month, do...

  • Becoming A Woman Of Prayer

    Episode 23

    How is your physical and spiritual well being this day? Are you sick? Could it be because of sin? What have you done abut it? What will you do about it? How is your prayer life? Do you “pray in your prayers” earnestly and fervently, or are your prayers cold and listless, just one-minute calls to ...

  • A Call To Salvation - Conclusion

    Episode 24

    In my own life I have lost good friends, or those I thought were good friends, because I warned them of what God says in His Word, but I take great comfort In the disciples who were able to go away rejoicing for the Kingdom’s sake. I also take comfort in the words of the apostle Peter who said th...