Dramatic Movie Previews

  • The Appointment - Preview

    A hotshot reporter has written a series of anti-God editorials for her paper. One day, a mysterious visitor, claiming to be from the Lord, informs her that in eight days she will die. This causes her to think about her appointment with God.

  • A Thief In The Night - Trailer

  • Pamela's Prayer - Preview

    The story of a prayerful father, a listening daughter, and the sovereignty of God. (1998)

  • Princess Cut - Preview

    Grace, a lifelong farm girl now in her early 20s, has dreamed all her life of the day "Mr. Right" slips a Princess Cut diamond on her finger and swears to love her forever. Tonight may be that night as Stewart has something special planned after 15 months together. But when things don't go as pla...

  • Milltown Pride: Trailer

  • Home Safe - Preview

    Based on a true story, this powerful drama demonstrates how love, respect, faith and Biblical truths still apply in today’s world. (74 min)

  • Gold Through the Fire - Preview

    A 17 year old Russian escapes from religious persecution in the Soviet Union hoping to find freedom in America only to find a different kind of religious persecution in the United States. (79 min)

  • A Distant Thunder - Trailer

  • Power of the Air - Trailer

    A Missionary from Africa comes to the United States and shares with a concerned Christian how he feels the church in America is being deceived and in great danger. The Christian is very convicted by what he hears, makes a significant change in his life, and then sets forth a plan to reach his cit...

  • Second Glance - Preview

    A frustrated Christian teen gets to live one day as a non-believer. (50 min)

  • Behind The Sun - Preview

    A Muslim young man from the Middle East chooses Christ and faces persecution, loneliness and rejection from his family. (60 min)

  • End of the Harvest - Preview

    A college student debates a philosophy club as to when the world might end. (54 min)

  • Unidentified - Preview

    A Texas man claims to be abducted by a UFO. (120 min)

  • The Paradise Trail - Preview

    Two outlaw brothers kidnap a blind preacher in this inspirational western adventure. (68 min)

  • Brother Enemy - Preview

    A gang of angry teenagers break into an artist’s workshop who is then given the task of reforming the kids. (78 min)

  • Whitcomb's War - Preview

    David Whitcomb, a dynamic pastor, Phil Esteem, a stubborn businessman, and a host of characters battle for spiritual control of a small Midwestern town, but who is really in charge? God’s love penetrates the heart of a professed atheist.

  • The Shepherd - Preview

    A veteran pilot pushes the edge of supersonic danger and deals with the death of his best friend. (79 min)

  • Heaven's Heroes - Preview

    Dennis Hill, a Christian police officer, and his family struggle to deal with the danger and tension of his job. (1980)

  • All The Kings Horses - Preview

    A young couple whose self-interests and self-righteousness come between them, their children, and their faith until they begin to apply Scriptural principles to their relationship. (1977)

  • Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls - Preview

    Learn how Protestant leaders John Wycliffe, Martin Luther and William Tyndale brought the Bible to the masses to combat ignorance during the dark ages

  • The Pretender - Preview

    A worldly high school guy pretends to be a Christian so he can start dating an unsuspecting Christian girl. (1987)

  • Love Note - Preview

    A young girl dying of cancer is given new hope and eternal life through the love of a new found friend in this touching love story. (1987)

  • Late One Night - Preview

    An antagonistic man heckles a Christian who comes into a diner for a meal. (2001)

  • Deadly Choice - Preview

    A doctor and his daughter are forced to deal with the subject of abortion in this powerful and penetrating drama. They are both are hit with the issue head on, but from different sides. The movie presents the truth, the choice, the cost, and Christ. There are consequences to the decisions and cho...