The Heavens Declare - David Rives Ministries

The Heavens Declare - David Rives Ministries

The Heavens Declare - David Rives Ministries
  • The Great Missoula Flood, Washington Scablands

    Why should you believe in evolution and not creation? And, why are scientists abandoning uniformitarianism? There is a flood that took place recently in our past that seems too Biblical for scientists to admit it happened at all. Watch the video to find out which flood has challenged evolution!

  • Echolocation - How Dolphins And Bats Navigate

    Learn about God's incredible design in Bats and Dolphins. How do these creatures navigate, explore and thrive in their surroundings. Watch this fun video with David Rives to learn more about the amazing characteristics that our Creator gave these animals.

  • The Mystery Of Stonehenge

    The famed Stonehenge remains a mystery to people around the world. Who built it? When and why was it constructed? David Rives goes on location to take a closer look and shed some light on these and other lingering questions about this feat of engineering.

  • Mount St. Helens And Rapid Geology

    Human lives lost, lava, landslides, mudflows, volcanic ash, 1 million trees uprooted. All of these were results of a relatively 'small' catastrophe that happened on May 18th, 1980. Watch this on-location video with David Rives to learn how these events are a great ensample of the effects of a lo...

  • Floating Islands Of Loktak Lake

    How does a remote floating island in India give us a fascinating glimpse into the diversity our Creator built in to plant life and the astounding way that eco-systems thrive? The floating islands of Loktak Lake teach us how God takes care of His people.

  • The American Bison Up Close

    On my way back from leading my annual Paleontology dig in Kansas, I stopped to talk with some friends and got to interact up close with hundreds of American Bison, also called the "buffalo" in olden days.

  • Venus: Surface

    Venus has surface features that indicate a young age for this rocky planet and evidence of violent occurrences similar to some we have experienced on planet Earth. Learn more about the crater on this planet named after the man who led to the creation of radar detection.

  • Venus: Atmosphere

    Venus has a thick covering of clouds and solar winds blowing at up to 220 MPH. What makes Venus the 3rd brightest object in the night sky? What makes Venus' thick atmosphere unique compared to that of Earth?

  • Roman Temple In Britain? Bath, U.K.

    What are roman temples and 113 degree hot spring baths doing in Britain? David Rives goes on location to explore a technological marvel in Bath, UK.

  • The Little Grand Canyon

    On May 18, 1980, Mount St Helens erupted providing geologists with first-hand data on the catastrophic effect an event like this can have on geology. This one eruption challenged the theory of evolution.
    Does this one minor catastrophe prove Noah's flood is real?

  • 33,000 Atomic Bombs?

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience darkness during the middle of the day?... No, I'm not talking about what happens during a solar eclipse...something entirely different...and groundbreaking...literally. Some of my friends watching this video may have experienced this. Go ...

  • Venus: The Morning Star

    Did Jesus refer to the planet Venus as a symbol of His Own majesty? How did Galileo's observations indicate that the planet Venus was orbiting the Sun and not the Earth? Watch this video to learn more!

  • It Is Finished - Calvary And The Resurrection

    Notes from David on the Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Gospel as it relates to Creation, Genesis, and the GOOD NEWS. Tetelestai.

  • Mount St. Helens Debunks Rock Dating!

    On May 18, 1980, Mt St Helens erupted and left behind 6 lava domes. One remains - the 6th lava dome. In 1996, geologist sent rocks from lava dome to be radiometrically dated. And, what they found disputes modern-day rock dating! Are the age of the Earth and all we know wrong?

  • Is There A Big Bang In The Bible?

    Did the Earth and everything in the universe come about as a result of a violent explosion in space? What does the Bible say about our Creator destroying this sin-cursed world and making all things new? What promise did He give us? Watch this video to learn more.

  • Our Signer And Designer

  • Polaris And Earth's Slow Wobble

    Did you know? Polaris (The North Star) was not due North during the time of Moses. Instead the actual 'north star' was a different star named "Kochab" What does this word mean in the Hebrew language? How does the rotation of Earth act like a spinning top? How does 'axial precession' affect the ap...